Konnectr is your virtual command centre for better communication, compliance and services at all of your properties.

Do things once.
Set and forget automated workflows.

Easily connect to your
occupants, owners, assets and workforce.

Gain efficiencies, build trust and reduce costs.

Integrates with your existing tools.

Automation, Control, Transparency

Everyone connected, everything transparent.

Eliminate hassles and delays caused by poor communication. Konnectr introduces unprecedented automation at your properties by integrating Occupants, owners, assets and service providers into your workflows.

Easy to implement and quick to scale

Take the hassle out of managing your property and automate what you already do. Manage scheduling and communication for large numbers of portfolio quickly and easily.

Happy communities manage themselves

Real-time communication, scheduling, notifications and monitoring means everyone is kept in the loop.


  • What is the Konnectr Platform?

    Konnectr bridges the communication gap between managers, their tenants, service providers, and property owners. Our Platform make it easy to schedule maintenance, send notifications and share updates.

  • How Does it help Managers and Services Providers?

    With Konnectr, managers can scale their operations to handle more properties with fewer staff. You can automate regular maintenance tasks with simple, easy-to-use tools. Service providers and their technicians in the field are given the information they need, and changes or extra instructions are a breeze. Tenants are kept updated around planned work, and can report issues as they see them to stop technicians cutting corners. Managers can also review all communication and approve tenant requests.

  • How Does it make Managers and Service Providers more profitable?
    • We help managers quickly and easily automate regular jobs. You have full visibility over the work and problems can be solved quickly.
    • We reduce the overhead of communicating with tenants and service providers
    • We reduce problems and disputes
    • We keep tenants updated and happy. Happy tenants pay higher rents and stay longer, increasing your margins and occupancy rates.
  • How is Konnectr different?

    We specialise in communication for the property industry. We plug into the tools you already use so there’s no expensive upgrades to make.
    Our solutions are tailored for the needs of each participant, allowing:

    • Managers to automate building and property management
    • Tenants to easily respond to communications, report issues and coordinate with service providers
    • Managers to easily communicate with tenants and technicians
    • Service providers to share updates and questions with technicians in the field
  • About Konnectr

    Our mission is bring living into the 21st Century. With years of expertise in property, strata, building management and software development, we’re here to make life easier for managers, their service providers, and their tenants.

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